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Reducing complexity

Perhaps you know the following situation: Managers who are hardly perceived by employees and customers because they are continuously occupied with one another in high-level meetings. A typical picture of excessive complexity.

Excessive complexity has other faces: excessive costs, a poor cost-to-benefit ratio, log cycle times, a flood of information, excessive stress, or even a lack of confidence in other employees or the management staff.

Much too often, change initiatives take on the form of thick binders full of process details, tons of instructions and target specifications, and strategic targets that no employee on site understands. To be malicious, we could speak of the clay layer formed by middle management: It prevents anything from top management from reach the rank and file, and nothing rises to the top, either.

In the past years, PRO4S has assisted a large number of clients in reducing complexity and, together with their middle management, proved that less is more. Lived processes, internalized strategies, high process reliability in the form of dependable collaboration based on shared attractive visions of the future. Management staff on site capable of orchestrating and moderating communications and collaboration in a goal-oriented way. This builds trust, and trust is the most powerful vehicle for reducing social complexity.