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Simple visualization of the relationship between corporate development and mobilization

When managers speak about strategic change initiatives and corporate development, they ofter use a specialized language marked by business administration terms:
We divisionalize our organization.
Profit & loss accountabililty no is longer with the regions and countries, but now with the business units.
We group sales & quotation and order handling processes in the Offer-To-Cash process.
The goal is to improve market and customer orientation.
We integrate a freshly acquired company.
We extend our value-adding chain.
We outsource our information technology
Collaboration between sales, marketingj, and order handling must improve.

Too many managers assume that this special language is easy to understand. When it comes to executing plans, they are then astonished to find how differently their ideas of future corporate development can be understood and interpreted.

Successful, effective, and sustainable corporate development requires that you, your management team, and your staff identify and mobilize thoses powers within your organization that offer you maximum leverage:
Leadership, collaboration, communication, and motivation.

PRO4S has developed a visual language allowing simple explanation and visualization of notions related to business administration and relevant to mobilization.

Identifiy the lever enabling you and your management team to move your staff and your customers. Experience how fast and mobilizing energy can be generated by applying very simple principle at all levels.