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Complex sales process as challenge

To sell today means to manage rolles, relationships, contact situations, and exacting expectations, complex needs, and changes so that success will be ensured. What roles have what impact in the various phases of complex sales processes? What does Value Selling mean, and how can we team up with customers to develop solutions offering added value to be sides? What contact settings with the customer are most suitable for a given phase, and how are they moderated and orchestrated so that they will yield a benefit?

Approach to success
In customized training sessions, we practice with the employees of your company how to handle the leverage and principles that will have a major impact on your sales success. Together with you, we start qualification initiatives enabling you to successfully mobilize your customers and staff at the interface between the market with your company.

Role-play with company-specific case studies
Together with you, we will develop concrete case studies from your day-to-day business reality, at your own site. These case studies serve as our "gymnastic equipment" for ensuring your success in sales. Action-reflection - practicing in role-play sessions followed by reflecting together on the observation assignments and the video sequences - forms the basis for successfully developing specialist and social competence in the complexe sales process.

Management and key persons are on board
Train-the-trainer initiatives and the involvement of your managers and key staff as co-trainers for developing case studies and generating individual feedback talks allows maximum identification of everyone involved and the best possible transfer to practice.