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Use games, fun, and competition to mobilize energies and to anchor them emotionally

Do you remember when you were young and your life was full of adventure - when games, fun, and competition were the driving forces behind your dedication and collaboration?

Successful leadership, communication, motivation, and collaboration can be substantially enhanced by games, fun and competition.

In the PRO4S treasure chest full of interactive and mobilizing settings, you will find numerous ideas and experiences showing you and your team, too, to combine the rational and structured sie of leadership and work with the emotional and soft side of people.

Games, fun, competition, and the practicing of skills address positive feelings, create adventure, promote team-building, ensure that we get to know one another more closely, emphasize joy and pleasure, and ensure excitement and laughter. On the basis of positive emotions and reflection on our childhood, youth, or other phases in our lives, we create variety, link the two halves of our brains, and connect different people. To make things stick, emotional linking of personal experiences and stories with rational information is indispensable.

In sales, for example, endurance and peak performance is often only achieved through sophisticated forms of competition.