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Moving many people faster by professional moderation

Many managers have recognized that sharing new knowledge on powerful exchange platforms is key to achieving succesful corporate development and change. Careful orchestration and moderation of different persons and roles along a planned didactic road is a core requirement for this.

PRO4S has built a large multilingual moderator team that is available to you. The quality of moderation must be high not only in the plenary meetings, but also in each single work group. We distinguish ourselves by the experience and skills of the individual moderators. On the basis of high methodological and didactic quality and unified standards of conduct, our moderators are in a position to plan and moderate demanding contact situations or to support your management staff in this role.

In order to ensure that you can quickly broaden and deepen your strategic change initiatives, you need a large number of moderators working on a standardized basis. PRO4S possesses vast experience in the design and moderation of concurrent events.