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Institute of Electronic Business e.V. Berlin (IEB)

The IEB was set up in 1999 on the initiative of companies and scientists as a public-private partnership. The combination of networking and event projects, integrated research, and innovative education services are the particular characteristics of the Institute.

The goal of the IEB is to support the development of the information society in a sustainable manner and to expand its extensive competence in this area in an application-oriented way. An essential instrument in this is the integration and networking of its partners, which include leading businesses as well as political and social institutions.

Portfolio: By initiiating exceptional events, the IEB has become the iInnovation hub between science, business, and users: Regular industry- or subject-specific work circles are just as much part of the portfolio as complex congresses. In cooperation with business and administration and with other universities, it has successfully implemented numerous projects. It deals with issues concerning the new global electronic marketplace and its effects on communications, management, marketing, and media design. In this, the IEB has positioned itself as a user- and solution-oriented research institute. In cooperation with the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, also the Master of Arts "Leadership in Digital Communications" is offered at the UdK.

PRO4S partners act as speakers in courses and in-house seminars for the IEB.